Salon Avenue Suites Helps People Become Salon Owners

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Salon Avenue Suites is dedicated to helping established stylists start their own business. When options are limited for many stylists because of the lack of capital and high overhead expenses, Salon Avenue can step in and help make dreams come true. This company has created a friendly and warm environment that makes clients feel comfortable and is conducive to a successful business.

Company History

Juliette Proenza started Salon Avenue Suites because she wanted to provide a way for hair stylists to have a means of growing their business without having to share their income with salon owners. The company has over 25 years on experience. There are a total of 52 suites in Acworth and Marietta, Georgia alone. Every suite is large and spacious, artfully decorated to each owner’s style preference, and includes a client lobby, Wi-Fi, break room, laundry, and more.

Helping Stylists Become Salon Owners

The salon industry is a competitive one, but a stylist with determination and motivation looking to grow their success will find that Salon Avenue can be the stepping block they need. The company helps new salon owners complete all the required documents, obtain the necessary licensing, and fill out all the needed forms to begin operating in a few short weeks. Salon Avenue Suite’s goal is to help hair stylists learn the skills needed to run a successful salon, support their families, and many work hard and grow their business to the point of making 5 times more money than they did in previous years.

Helping The Community

Not only does Salon Avenue care about people and helping them become successful salon owners so they can have a profitable career that they love, they also care about the community. Salon Avenue is involved in several charity organizations, including Wigs for Kids, Locks of Love, AHIMSA House, Neighbor Love, and Cobb Christmas. They are also members of a few groups and organizations, including the Professional Beauty Association, Acworth Business Association, Marietta Business Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

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